Being Really Good is Just the Entry Fee!

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“At the end of the day, it’s about quality!” shouts the company CEO. Wrong! At the beginning of the day, it’s about quality. At the end of the day, it’s about competitive advantage! Producing and providing high-quality products and services are merely the cost of entry into today’s marketplace. Everybody is good, so you have to be good as well.

Winning the business today is about adding value. It’s about not merely being marginally better, but being a clearly better choice in a sea of good choices. It’s about preferability, deeper connection, astonishing ease of doing business, hyper-convenience, remarkable innovation, tangibly superior quality, and of course, Visibility. Read More

Branding? ReBranding? Don’t Buy the Snake Oil!

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Despite the claims of many in the marketing/branding world, effective message and differentiation is more of an art than science — and lets be honest here — not everyone is an artist. Even highly-paid marketing “experts” too often get paid handsomely for creating crappy campaigns. Clients are suckered into buying the crap, because there was a “process” involved in its creation. Read More

Passion: The Leading Cause of Business Failure

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“Follow your passion!” we have been told for a generation. From personal development “gurus” and school teachers to parents, friends and even celebrities, fulfillment comes from pursuing your dreams. “Follow your dreams and you’ll never work a day in your life!” the internet meme screams out at us.  But heading this popular admission has contributed to more business failures and personal financial struggles, than any other flawed career advice. Read More

Misleading Claims? Don’t Think We Don’t Notice

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Every city has it’s share of loudmouthed automotive pitchmen. They scream from the TV or radio about their sales. “Push, pull or drag!” “We’ll pay off your trade no matter what you owe!” “No reasonable offer refused.” You know the drill. They are willing to endure the snickers of their peers in the business community, because many of them are rolling in dough. Seems like a reasonable trade-off. Read More

The Passing of Joe Garagiola Highlights Unlikely Legacy

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Sad to hear of the passing of baseball and broadcasting great Joe Garagiola this week. Not a lot of people knew that, beyond his career as a broadcaster, he spent the better part of a decade speaking to ball clubs and other organizations about the dangers of chewing tobacco.

Back in my PR days nearly 20 years ago, Joe and I worked together on several projects and stadium events to educate kids and professional ball players. Read More