David Avrin works with select clients offering consulting services including, full-day strategic sessions as well as ongoing work with leaderships teams and employee groups.

If you have seen him speak, you know the high-level content and actionable strategies he discusses. In a consulting relationship, David Avrin can help your team ferret-out the root of the challenges and customize strategies to improve your organization. In addition, he can work with you to implement these enhancements across your organization.

We would be happy to set up a call to discuss how David might customize a program for your organization.

David Avrin is also taking on a few select clients for on-demand phone and email consulting. Think of it as an on-call advisory board member for your business.

Please contact Tiffany Lauer to set up a call to discussion options. tiffany@DavidAvrin.com or call 303-501-6301.