Marketing and Customer Experience speaker and author David Avrin features  candid and raucous conversations with some of the most innovative, outspoken and entrepreneurial business minds in the world today.


Episode 6: Frank Furness – The Shifting Face of Social Media and Video
February 13, 2019 in Podcast, Visibility Marketing

TVVBP11: Shep Hyken — Amazing Customer Experiences

On this program, David Avrin chats with longtime colleague and customer service master, Shep Hyken. Working with some of the most iconic businesses and organizations in the world, Shep helps…
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January 29, 2019 in Podcast

TVVBP10: Jeanne Bliss – The Chief Customer Officer

On this program, David Avrin speaks with a pioneer in the customer experience category, Jeanne Bliss. An early crusader advocating for the position of “Chief Customer Officer,” Jeanne has helped…
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January 22, 2019 in Podcast

TVVBP08: John DiJulius – Delivery Exceptional Business Experiences

On this program, David Avrin has a privilege of engaging with a fellow customer experience colleague and a real pioneer of providing and consulting on a profound level of service.…
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January 15, 2019 in Podcast

TVVBP07: Jane Atkinson – The Changing Role of Speakers

On this program, David Avrin sits down with an icon name in the speaking business, Jane Atkinson. What is remarkable about Jane, is not her stage experience, but her profound…
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