Much is discussed about the effect of influence in the workplace. Who owns it? Who wields it and how is it best delivered?

In this insightful episode of The VERY Visible Business Podcast, Dr. Brian Smith shows how he found the “I” in team and how he helps business leaders point their people toward a common goal.

In this fascinating conversation, Brian talks about how leaders must achieve balance in understanding the technical process, the organizational structure, and the influence and personality of individuals and the organization. 

A celebrated business consultant and process master, Dr. Brian Smith is the founder of I.A. Business Advisors and author of the book: Individual Advantages, Find the I in Team. Brian helps business leaders understand how our influence affects our lives and those of other people. 


  • It is okay to say you don’t know. Find somebody in the sphere of your influence that you can trust. Reach out and ask questions.
  • Never try to do everything in your organization by yourself.
  • When choosing an advisor, choose somebody that’s not going to be a yes-man. Choose somebody that’s going to challenge you.
  • Outsource accountability to somebody else because we as humans are not good about holding ourselves accountable.
  • Before you get yourself in crisis, make sure you have a sounding board.
  • When we’re alone, we’re an individual creating our own advantages.
  • When we’re together with another person pointing towards a common goal, we are Individual. We work individually together as one.
  • Influence is the biggest responsibility we have as humans.
  • We all make an impact, we just decide whether it is a positive or negative impact.
  • Inconsistencies, missing deadlines, and a high number of absences and tardiness are signals that leaders should look for to know there may be problems within their organization.
  • Criticism and accountability are positive things.
  • Discipline shouldn’t be about being negative. It should be about helping people to be better.
  • Keep the people in the jobs that they are good at


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Individual Advantages, Find the I in Team – Book written by Dr. Brian Smith


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