Marketing and Customer Experience speaker and author David Avrin features candid and raucous conversations with some of the most innovative, outspoken and entrepreneurial business minds in the world today.

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November 13, 2019 in Podcast, Visibility Marketing

TVVBP26: Dr. Jim Karrh − The Importance of Managing The Message Within Organizations

Summary One of the challenges that leaders face is achieving some semblance of “message consistency” across the organization. Different roles create different perspectives and the company slogan only goes so…
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November 6, 2019 in Podcast, Visibility Marketing

TVVBP25: Mike Domitrz – Cultivating a Culture of Respect in the Workplace

Summary So, this is a touchy subject that shouldn’t be a touchy subject. Depending on your perspective, the subject of “respect” in the workplace has been either clouded or clarified…
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October 30, 2019 in Podcast

TVVBP24: Debra Fine – Cultivating Connections Through the Art of Initiating Conversations

Summary Despite the dramatic rise of technology and business automation, business is first and foremost, people-driven. And beneficial relationships begin with initiating an authentic conversation -- a challenge for more…
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October 24, 2019 in Podcast, Visibility Marketing

TVVBP23: Jason Hewlett – Creating a “Promise” Culture

Summary In business, we can try to get to important tasks. We can make it a priority and we can even work it into our schedule. When we make promises,…
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