In this podcast, David Avrin talks with Doug Jackson, PhD, JD, the President and CEO of Project Cure — the world’s largest provider of excess medical equipment and supplies to impoverished nations. Each week, Project C.U.R.E. delivers approximately four semi-truck loads of donated medical supplies and equipment to desperately needy people around the world.


In this episode, David and Doug talk about the earliest days of the organization run out his fathers garage, to its current state with staff and facilities across America and one of the most celebrated not-for-profits in the world.  Dr. Jackson talks about how they thrive with less than 40 full-time employees, but have attracted over 25,000 volunteers who help the to fulfill their mission.

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This year, Project Cure will deliver nearly $90 million in medical supplies, one 40 foot container at a time.

From leadership and a higher purpose, to brilliant marketing and constant engagement, Dr. Jackson has built — and continues to build — a mission-driven organization to new heights.


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