If innovation is the key to future-proofing your organization, why do so many companies struggle with it? In this lively and thought-provoking interview, David Avrin talks with innovation expert Stephen Shapiro who offers surprising insights into what innovation really looks like and dispels common myths about who drives it, where it originates and how it can give you a leg-up on the competition. Well worth a listen!

Key Takeaways

  • There’s a difference between being different and being differentiated.
  • To be able to have good ideas, it has to be “outside in.” You need to go out and understand what the market wants.
  •  When we ask specific, well-framed questions, we get a ten-fold improvement on the innovation returns than we do when we just ask for ideas.
  • Solutions are right in front of you. You often can’t see it because you’re asking the wrong questions and you’re not thinking the right way.
  • Make sure that whatever you create is difficult for someone else to replicate.
  • Bigger companies shouldn’t try to be disruptive. They just have to make sure they’re not going to become irrelevant based on what’s happening in the market around them.


  • Expertise is the enemy of innovation. – Stephen Shapiro
  • Novelty is not innovation. Differentiation is. – Stephen Shapiro


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