The world is changing and how we work is changing as well. While artificial intelligence conjures images of robots working on an assembly line, today, AI involves shifting from mundane to far more complex tasks. The engine for a new generation of outsourcing to AI is big data. So, will we do with our time when it is freed-up from performing mundane tasks? We have more time for creativity and innovation of course.

In this episode of the Very Visible Business Podcast, David Avrin talks with James Taylor, an internationally recognized leader in creativity and innovation, discusses a concept he calls “Super Creativity,” and how we can utilize artificial intelligence to augment our own ideas and work to achieve exponential growth.

For over 20 years, Scottish speaker and consultant James Taylor has been teaching entrepreneurs, educators, corporate leaders, writers, and rock stars how to build innovative organizations and design the creative life that they deserve. 


  • Artificial intelligence is the idea of a machine doing complex tasks that we normally associate with the human brain.
  • The artificial intelligence does very well when you have structured data.
  • Super creativity is augmenting your human creativity, and your ability to develop and generate ideas with technologies like artificial intelligence.
  • Creativity is bringing new ideas to the mind while innovation is bringing new ideas to the world.
  • Innovation is process-driven while creativity is often more humanistic.
  • Four types of creativity
  1. Team creativity
  2. Individual creativity
  3. Peer creativity
  4. Super creativity






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