In this week’s episode, Jacob Tell, co-founder of Oniracom, shares his journey on how their company has helped national music artists navigate and adapt to the profound changes in digital marketing.

Advancements in technology have made a huge impact on business — no more so than in the music industry. Artists used to make money selling their albums and tickets to shows. Easy access to digital downloads has forever altered the music industry and driven a shift in both mindset and strategy for artists. When they can no longer rely on simply selling products, smart companies build tribes!

Key Takeaways

  • Super-serve the superfan.
  • When you have established the connection and relationship with your customers, you can sell them a multitude of items and solutions.
  • Tell a story that people want to connect with emotionally.
  • As business owners, part of our primary responsibility is to make our tribe want what we have.
  • Value your people and turn them into superfans who are going to drive a lot more revenue than selling products to a lot of people.
  • One of the great ways to provide a sense of belonging to your tribe is to build and cultivate a “nurtured” community.


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