In business, we can try to get to important tasks. We can make it a priority and we can even work it into our schedule. When we make promises, however, we make a commitment to ourselves and to those around us. 

In this inspiring episode, David had the honor of speaking with Jason Hewlett. Jason helps leaders, employees, and companies stop setting goals and instead keep their promises to customers, each other, and themselves. If you’ve seen his YouTube clips, you know that Jason has a one-of-a-kind approach as a Keynote Speaker who entertains to teach and inspire.

The message is simple, yet so powerful: If we can shift our everyday conversations and business into a “Promise” culture, it can have a profound impact on our life, our families, and our own personal well-being. Keeping a promise affects not just businesses, but also relationships. It affects our ability to be productive people.


Key Takeaways

  • Leaders must first understand their own promise that they have made and then constantly reminding their people of what their promise is.
  • Practical steps to create “The Promise mindset:” identify the promise, clarify it, and magnify it.
  • If leaders can allow everyone on the team to have their “one thing” that they do well, that’s when success can be created in the business. 
  • Exceeding your promise is called the engagement experience to your audience. You engage them in something unique with your own unique gifts, and talents. 
  • A promise requires consistency, integrity, and being fully present. Those are non-negotiables. 
  • If you’re building a reputation as a professional or organization, inculcate the mindset that we say what we’ll do and we’ll do what we say.


Jason Hewlett’s website



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