So, this is a touchy subject that shouldn’t be a touchy subject. Depending on your perspective, the subject of “respect” in the workplace has been either clouded or clarified by recent events in both the courts in the news. The truth is that cultivating a culture of respect is a smart business that not only protects you and your people but it also helps them to be more collaborative, productive and fosters loyalty.

In this episode of The Very Visible Business Podcast, David Avrin has a robust conversation with Mike Domitrz, Founder of The Center for Respect. With his own profound back story, Mike travels the world helping organizations recognize hidden biases, damaging behaviors, and antiquated mindsets.

He says that too many organizational leaders look at respect and boundaries from a defensive posture and as a goal instead of making it their foundation. He also shares ways on how to recognize if disrespect is manifesting within an organization and how to combat it. A great conversation with a brilliant messenger!


Key Takeaways

    • The epitome of respect is mutually amazing relationships in the workplace.
    • When you have issues with sales, you’re either failing to respect what the client needs as you try to force them to do something they don’t want to do.
    • People don’t leave jobs. They leave people. It’s because of how they are treated.
    • When you start to catch yourself wanting to jump in and interrupt someone, take a pause and say to yourself: “I need to listen fully here.”
    • If you value respect, you don’t sacrifice it to get business.
    • Disrespect in a company can cause image/PR damage.
    • Everybody deserves to be treated with respect and that is what “consent” is all about.





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