One of the challenges that leaders face is achieving some semblance of “message consistency” across the organization. Different roles create different perspectives and the company slogan only goes so far. Often times, the organization’s leaders simply assume that their people are all on the same page. These false assumptions can often create internal frustration and hinder the growth of the organization. In this episode of the Very Visible Business Podcast, David Avrin spoke with Dr. Jim Karrh, a consultant, a coach, a professional speaker, and the author of the: Science of Customer Connections – Manage Your Message to Grow Your Business. With his expertise at helping business professionals and companies manage the message, Dr. Karrh shares practical ways that leaders can manage their conversations.


Key Takeaways

  • We need the capacity to question our own assumptions over time.
  • 93% of word-of-mouth happens offline.
  • Real-time conversations that people have with their friends and colleagues are far more effective.
  • In terms of driving behavior and preference, focus on those everyday conversations with your own employees.
  • Your best people are going to ignore the script.
  • You can’t scale inconsistency.
  • If you want to build more consistency, don’t try to overly script your message.
  • If you think you’re getting stuck, go to some of your best customers and raving fans and ask them: “Why do you like doing business with us?” Then, shut up and listen.
  • Go to people in different parts of your organization and let them tell their stories.
  • If you want to get your people on the same page and stand out in the marketplace, you need to have a good message, you need to pay attention to your messengers inside and outside your business.
  • Introverts are very good at helping find the stories in your organization even if they don’t want to be the ones to tell them.
  • Ambiverts are the types of people who are best wired for conversation.
  • Keep the conversations fresh, relevant, make sure you’re not talking about yourselves all the time. Talk in a language that customers and potential customers find relevant.


  • Your job as a leader is to match the message and the messengers. – Dr. Jim Karrh
  • If you want your people to have a consistent conversation, involve them in the creation of the message. – Dr. Jim Karrh


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