“Your brand should punch people in the face!” says Kevin Neff. “Your brand should be able to speak for you when you’re not in the room. If it can’t, then you don’t have a compelling, memorable brand.”

In this episode, we are with Kevin Neff, an award-winning Video Producer, Brand Creator, and Best-Selling Author. Kevin Neff is the founder of Kevin Makes Sense Media and the host of the ‘Kevin Neff’s Speaking of Success’™ television show. He has an award-winning branding firm best known for providing out-of-the box creativity for those selected entrepreneurs and professionals who are seeking to stand out from their competition.

Kevin talks about how to attract people, stand out from the competition, and shares some strategies on using video to make an impact.



  • The human eye is attracted to light, colors, and motion.
  • If you do everything in color, then it works against you.
  •  When putting out an ad, you have to track people’s responses to it.
  • The quality of people following you and engagement is more important than the number of likes and followers.
  •  Every marketer should LIE, if not daily, at least weekly. LIE stands for Learn, Implement, and Execute.
  • It’s not about how many clients and customers you have. It’s the quality of them!
  • When you try to be all things to all people, your message becomes diluted.
  • It gets back to basics of knowing who your audience is, what about you that will create an interest in them, and then the audience getting a call-to-action, and you track it.
  • When a video is 2 minutes or longer, the percentage of people that will even start to watch it decreases.
  • When creating a video, the pacing is so important. Using fast-paced music and changing the scenes keep people involved.
  • People mistake activity for progress.
  • If your listeners are going to make the effort, make it count.
  • Be in control of your brand.
  • Don’t post to post.  Post when you have something to say or share.


    • “Everything you post is an extension of your brand.” – Kevin Neff, Video Producer and Brand Creator
    • “You will never be what you can be unless you’re willing to be a little bit bold.” – Kevin Neff, Video Producer, and Brand Creator



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