There are champions not only in sports but also in organizations. They are those who play the right way and stick with their teams, yet think differently to raise their game.

In this episode, David Avrin speaks with Ross Bernstein, who has written 50 books about life and sports. Ross is an award-winning peak-performance business speaker who has keynoted conferences on all seven continents.

Ross explains what the “Champion’s Code” is all about and how companies can adopt this mindset to achieve success. He also shares some sports stories, and how lessons from these experiences have helped organizations stand out and differentiate themselves.



Ask good questions and learn from not what people say, but what they do.

The people who are willing to do more, are those who play longer.

The champion’s code is about players that played the right way and will stick up for their teammates.

Everything in sports has gotten bigger, faster, and stronger.

A year in sports today is like a dog year.

As a speaker, you have to give people practical advice on how they can use the information you provide to grow their business and make more money


The champion’s code is about winning the right way. – Ross Bernstein, Author



Ross Bernstein’s website



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