There are trendy conversations happening around the subject of diversity and inclusion. But for every “hot” topic in the news media and around the watercooler, there are several other relevant and impactful ones being avoided. In this episode, I had a disarmingly revealing conversation with Jessica Pettitt, speaker and author of the book: Good Enough Now. Jessica debunks myths about men’s fear of engaging coworkers in private conversation and shares what issues will truly impact your organization in the years to come.



Avoiding any circumstance precludes you from having great interactions.

When you’re not sure how to respond and behave, all you have to do is ask a question. How the other individual responds dictates what you do.

You don’t have to physically touch someone in order to feel like you’re connecting to them.

It doesn’t have to be an experience for you, in order to be an experience for someone else.

You have to know what behaviors are congruent with what you believe and what’s incongruent and take responsibility for it.

When you’re focused and worried about something, you’re probably not doing a bad job at it.

You have to be as patient as the person that you are trying to find out what their experience is.

Doing the best that you can with what you’ve got, even just some of the time is more revolutionary than sitting back and waiting until you know all the answers.



    • Just because you don’t know the other person’s exact experience, doesn’t erase its validity. – Jessica Pettitt, M.Ed.
    • What’s going to keep your clients and customers is your on-going willingness to realize that the connection you have depends on the amount of energy and interest you put into a person. – Jessica Pettitt, M.Ed.



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