Everything in the world is speaking to us, but Daniel Levin says that we have forgotten how to listen. For those who are encountering challenges with their businesses, you have to first understand why it is happening. Sometimes, in our frenzy to fix and solve, we miss the obvious answers.

In this episode, I speak with Daniel Levin, the author of The Mosaic. He is a rare blend of businessman and mystic. In reality, Daniel is a wise man, a really good guy, and an important messenger for our time.

Daniel talks about why we should allow ourselves the time to sit in the emptiness and from a state of not knowing. Everything is about connection and talks about the things that we can practice to have a real connection not only with others but most importantly, with ourselves.



You can have all the money in the world, but still, feel unfulfilled and unhappy.

Intentions don’t mean anything without actions that stand behind it.

The simple basic practice that would turn a business around, from an entrepreneur who is struggling to one who is successful would be the simple art of listening.

When your business is struggling, you have to understand and listen why it is struggling.

Becoming a people-pleaser is the most unfulfilling part of life that you could ever have.

When people feel your authenticity, they’re drawn to you like bees are drawn to honey.




Daniel Levin’s website

The Mosaic (Book written by Daniel)



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